I’ve dipped into the #ccourses twitter stream, shared some ideas, joined the G+ forum and read a few blogposts. So far so many ideas and lots of things to ponder.

Why we need a why
It was really the video by Michael Wesch that hooked me in as I am already a fan of the work he has done with his students.

I don’t teach in a traditional sense as I am a researcher and work in the area of academic development. But I do support colleagues in developing their practice and so I am perhaps more of a facilitator or collaborator (or in many cases simply an enthusiastic co-learner). However, I liked the activity of sharing responses to the ‘Why I teach’ so here is mine:

Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Hoping to catch up on some more great conversations in Connected Courses.

About kshjensen

Anthropologist. Ethnographic research and user experience. I craft, bake, like real ale and stacking stones. Currently working on developing research impact.
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2 Responses to #ccourses

  1. tellio says:

    I think it is interesting that we do have lots of higher ed researchers among #ccourses folk so I am happy that you are here. I love haikudeck as a prez tool and wish it had a nice voiceover alonf with it.

    • kshjensen says:

      thanks for the kind words. Although I don’t teach students I have actually so far found #ccourses really eye-opening just in the sense of reading other people’s experiences and thoughts on education, ideas for learning design and connecting. Now you mention it I wonder why haiku deck doesn’t have a voice over option? Seems like an obvious add on they might offer. Thanks again for stopping by…

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