What did I learn at #altc

I have spent the day in Manchester at the Association for Learning Technology Conference. It was the first day with sessions and it was an extensive programme on offer, take a look:


If you can’t be there it is worth following the hashtag on Twitter #altc and some of the sessions are live streamed. 


photo by Rebecca Sellers (@becksell2001)

Throughout the day I definitely felt like I had been plugged into a supportive network; I had a feeling of energy no doubt helped by the substantial amount of coffee I managed to consume (somewhat unwisely probably). Tomorrow it will be peppermint tea all day, honest!

What did you learn?
Inspired by someone asking the question ‘what have I learnt today’, I had a little think and this is (some of) what I learnt:
1. How welcoming the alt community really is. I’ve never been to the conference before and I got some good advice about not planning too much from Trevor Walsh, a seasoned altc participant.

2. That you can’t underestimate how important it is to have students involved in what we do. The two students who co-presented the keynote made some of the most important points of the day.
“I wish students like us could afford all those apple macs” YES key structural issues in terms of power and economic issues #altc (@DonnaLanclos)

3. That Donna Lanclos definitely needs to write the ten top things an academic need to consider before tweeting. 
4. That there are so many more people I need to follow on twitter.
5. To boldly declare I do know stuff about research into learning spaces* (well, I sort of do).
6. That QR codes might (again?) be worthwhile.
7. That I should have had a scone with cream whilst I could. Never turn down a scone.
8. But first and foremost I have had the message reinforced that it really is about the people (and not the technology). But also that working in binary distinctions or oppositions is not really that helpful. Reality is messy – to be continued…

What did you learn?

Many thanks to Rebecca Sellers who kindly let me use her excellent photo. 

*if you are interested in literature on learning spaces take a look at  Zotero group where I am collating useful links related to learning spaces, the concept of third space and liminality.


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