Engaging and supporting an Open Access scholarly community

answergarden-504049It is always nice when something you have worked on for a while comes together. The University of Huddersfield Press Manager, Megan Taylor, asked me to co-author a paper based on her work on developing the processes and impact of the University Press and our collaboration around Fields, a student research journal, published by the Press. Importantly, the University Press is Open Access, and we both believe this has been key to the reach, in terms of downloads and citations, that the student research journal and the other Press publications have had.

Initially, we presented these ideas at the Northern Collaboration Conference in 2017 with our talk on Embracing Open Access publishing for academic staff and student research. To prepare for the presentation we asked our network what open access publishing meant to them and used this for discussion on the day (see image at top of the post).

Then Megan was asked to contribute to a special issue of Publications on ‘Open Access and the Library’ and asked me to co-author the paper building on the work we had done.

Enhancing content to develop engagement

When Megan and I collaborated on Press publications, we were focused, not only on developing excellent content, but very much on involving authors in ways to promote engagement with their final publications. In the paper, we go through a number of the ways that the Press activities engage with authors and editors and the benefits of the different social media platforms in promoting the research of students and staff. The WordPress blog, in particular, ‘proved ideal for creating a space where researchers can tell our readers more about their research in an informal discussion style, whilst always linking back to the original underpinning publication to help drive downloads and, ultimately, citations’ (Taylor and Jensen 2018)


Taylor, Megan and Jensen, Kathrine S.H. Engaging and Supporting a University Press Scholarly Community. Publications. 2018, 6, 13. doi:10.3390/publications6020013

Taylor, Megan and Jensen, Kathrine (2017) Embracing open access publishing for academic staff and student research. In: Northern Collaboration 2017 Conference, 08/09/2017, York, England. http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/id/eprint/33203/



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