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Following the excellent example of Sheila MacNeill and her blogpost on 25 things I’m looking forward to at #altc here are some of the conference things that I am excited about. The Association for Learning Technology Conference takes place in Manchester, 11-13 Sep:

  • a is for access and the very useful pre-conference online space that ALT has organised
  • b is for being able to attend the conference. Thanks to University of Sheffield for funding my attendance. I will be mentioning the journal I work on so this is your advance notice that I’ll suggest you take a look at Online Information Review. The journal publishes research on the social, political and ethical aspects of emergent digital information practices and platforms
  • c  is for Dr. Catherine Cronin. The conference will be a great opportunity to catch up on all the exciting things she has done after finishing her PhD. For example the co-creation of Equity Unbound – an emergent, collaborative curriculum which aims to create equity-focused, open, connected, intercultural learning experiences
  • d is for Dr. Donna Lanclos. I’m excited to be able to connect with Donna in Manchester and learn more about the Digital Perceptions tool  a tool aimed at getting people thinking about their digital identity. It was developed by Donna, Lawrie Phipps and Zac Gribble
  • e is for the excellent supportive community feel that the conference always has
  • is for Dr. Frances Bell who, along with Catherine Cronin, is presenting a session called ‘A personal, feminist and critical retrospective of Learning (and) Technology, 1994-2018’ and I am really looking forward to their reflections
  • g is for getting to see Dr. Chrissi Nerantzi. Chrissi co-developed #LTHEchat and there is a special #altc edition of the chat running on Tuesday 11th September
  • h is for Huddersfield and the opportunity to catch up with my ex-colleagues from the University of Huddersfield, Dr. Liz Bennett and Dr. Sue Folley. Check out their session, ‘Getting to grips with Learner Dashboards: a research informed critical approach to understanding their potential’
  • i is for all the intriguing tweets that I will see, which will give me ‘alternative session envy’
  • j is for joining in as many of the opportunities the programme affords
  • k is for the amazing keynotes, eg. Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom. I follow her on twitter and am excited about seeing her IRL. It will be a real treat to hear her critical perspectives on what is going on in higher education. LowerEd. How for profit colleges deepen inequality in America
  • is for learning analytics (LA) and the really interesting sessions on how students engage and perceive LA in this year’s programme. 
  • m is for Manchester, a great city for a conference and with lots of things to see and do (plus eat & drink). Check out the Beyond the Conference – what’s on in Manchester? blog post by Dr. Frances Bell
  • n is for networking, which the programme leaves plenty of spaces for
  • o is for all the open education experiences being shared at the conference 
  • p is for the pack of playing cards that participants will get when registering
  • q is for all the questions that will be asked in the sessions
  • r is for Research in Learning Technology, the excellent ALT journal
  • s is for the stickers with #femedtech that I have heard Dr. Maren Deepwell will be bringing
  • t is for technology and student and staff partnership approaches.
  • u is for the umbrella I should probably pack for going to Manchester but will forget all about
  • v is for the venue, University of Manchester
  • is for the wildcard presentations, I think that is a really great way to accommodate exciting work that may not fit the themes
  • x is for the [e]xhibitors and perusing what they have to offer
  • y is for Youtube, where you view the keynotes if you are not able to make it to the conference [this one is the same as Sheila’s – it was just too good]
  • z is for the [bu]zzwords in ALTc Bingo

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