Perspectives and movements in learning landscapes – #blimage

Thanks to a challenge from Catherine Cronin I’m joining the #blimage activities and blogging in response to an image (specifically the image Catherine used in her post).

The image makes me feel like I am in the role of a spectator and that a lot is outside my frame of vision. As Catherine mentioned is has the feel of a snap shot. To me it reinforces the idea that there is always a story going on and how important it is to recognise that learners/colleagues are always in the midst of their lives with a lot happening that I don’t know about or am able to see from my perspective or position.

When I look at the image I also think about the different ways that we can move through learning landscapes. The need to consider where we are coming from/our background and where we might be going/or want to go (and perhaps with whom). In this image, the girl appears to be moving very confidently towards something/someone whereas others might meander, move slower or gain confidence as they go along.

Runaway Jane

CC BY 2.0 Matt Wiebe (Flickr)

Steve Wheeler comments about how #blimage started:

“The #blimage challenge was started as a bit of fun between Amy Burvall and I. We started it on July 18th and it has been growing steadily ever since with many of our friends and colleagues participating. The challenge is this: Send an image to friends in your personal learning network and ask them to write a learning related blog post about it. They then challenge their friends with an image of their choice. All the posts are labelled with the hashtag #blimage (blog-image) so they can be easily discovered and aggregated. Since the start of activities, the following posts and other artefacts related to #blimage have been posted. Several are destined to become classics of educational blogging.”

From The #blimage list posted on 26th July 2015 by Steve Wheeler. See the Youtube video by Amy Burvall explaining how it came about.


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